Lena Dunham Reveals She Had Full Hysterectomy After Long Battle With Endometriosis

Lena Dunham Reveals She Had Full Hysterectomy After Long Battle With Endometriosis

After battling chronic pain from endometriosis for several years, Lena Dunham revealed she underwent a total hysterectomy procedure.

Dunham, writer and star of TV series Girls, said she had gone through "years of complex surgeries measuring in the double digits" but without success.

When she awoke from the surgery, Dunham said she was told her inner organs were in a worse condition than she had imagined. Other treatment options can happen during laparoscopy, where the surgeon can choose to remove or destroy lesions and scar tissue, though pain often returns after a short period of relief. Even with the new unbearable pain she was feeling, laboratory tests could not pinpoint what was wrong with her uterus.

"In addition to endometrial disease, an odd hump-like protrusion and a septum running down the middle", she wrote. In other words, displaced uterine tissue that remains after surgery will still receive the signals to thicken and bleed around the time of menstruation, even though the tissue has no way to exit the body.

As the doctors worked on her, they discovered more issues were lying underneath the surface.

But unfortunately it did return, as in May 2017 Lena was forced to leave the New York Met Gala early because of the excruciating pain caused by the disorder.

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"Your brain, unaware that the rest of the apparatus has gone, in theory keeps firing up your eggs every month", she wrote. While it's unclear what causes it, it affects roughly one in ten women in the United States, possibly more, as the condition often goes undiagnosed. 'They are, for the first time after all my shenanigans, truly scared, and my father checks my breath as I sleep, leaning close to my chest. That's a hard thing to do, but I'm trying, because all I want is to make season 6 of Girls the best one yet. I might not believe it now, but I will soon enough.

She is also well-known for her support of women's rights and runs the website Lenny Letter with Jennifer Konner, which features feminist issues, in particular through weekly essays and featured publications. Wishing you all health & happiness, in whatever form suits you.

"It's been a few months now", she wrote.

Of course, she will now never have the option of having a natural birth if she ever decides to have children, but she's happy that there are still options available for her.

'I may have felt choiceless before, but I know I have choices now, ' she says.