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Facebook released a Kids messaging app

Facebook released a Kids messaging app

There's a wide variety of kid-friendly stickers and filters that can be used to edit photos and use during video chats, and parents can get in touch with their kids by using the regular Messenger app. Facebook Messenger Kids is controversial as the app encourages kids to get involved in social media and certain groups of the society are so outraged by the company's move to involve more and more kids into it's range.

Also, we have known that the launch of this application was done much earlier by Facebook but the application was only available for iOS which meant that the users of Android were not able to access this Facebook Messenger Kids app on their phones. Now, their parents, too, can choose to install Messenger Kids. Very often, young kids are recipients of hand-me-down smartphones or tablets that their parents don't use anymore.

It's not a simple question with an easy answer. The thinking is that kids aren't ready to be on devices or messaging family and friends, so they shouldn't be doing this at all.

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However more than 100 child development experts, health advocacy groups, educators, and parents have called on Facebook to shut down Messenger Kids. This is what people don't seem to understand.

The app is a highly-modified version of the standard Messenger app; it gives parents complete control over who their children are communicating with on mobile devices. The app now has a 4-star rating on Apple's App Store, and 3.5 stars on Amazon's Appstore. Now, the company has chose to launch this application for the Android users as well and this application has been made available on the Google Play Store.