Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Reveal Christmas Plans

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Reveal Christmas Plans

Robbie received a nom for Best Comedy/Musical Actress for her latest biopic flick I, Tonya, which is now getting rave reviews for her portrayal - and wonderful physical transformation - into disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding.

As well as starring in the movie, the movie was produced by the 27-year-old and her husband Tom Ackerley.

Nicole Kidman carries out the majority of her skincare regime at night, because she never has time in the morning.

While her show Big Little Lies headed up the nominations with a whopping six nominations under its belt, Nicole Kidman was personally recognised for her portrayal of Celeste Wright.

"Nicole's husband Keith Urban was quick to congratulate his wife, writing on Twitter: 'Hey baby- CONGRATULATIONS on all the GLOBES love this morn!" Alexander Skarsgard was also nominated, as well as the show.

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He added: 'Incredibly proud of you, the work, and all the BLL and TOTL team. "THE STARS ALIGNED! xxxxxx - KU #GoldenGlobes", Urban wrote.

Nicole released a statement on the nomination as well.

While enjoying their unusual Christmas festivities, the family has something big to celebrate- Nicole Kidman's just announced 2018 Golden Globe nomination. "Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press [Association] for giving the show so much love". "I don't know that many people that have an enormous amount - if you want to get a workout in, plus take care of your kids, plus get them to school, plus get to work - all of those things, there's very little time to be doing some half hour skin care routine", Nicole told Vogue.

Hugh Jackman has been nominated for his latest film The Greatest Showman, with the Aussie getting a nod in the Best Comedy/Musical Actor category.