Google beats Facebook as top referral source for publishers

Google beats Facebook as top referral source for publishers

Digital analytics company recently revealed that in 2017, Google had become publisher's main source for receiving external views, a drastic change from the beginning of the year when Facebook was responsible for the majority of traffic.

At the start of 2017, Facebook provided nearly 40 percent of all external traffic received by publishers, but this number has drastically reduced by the end of the year to only 26 percent.

The data was accrued from around 2,500 individual publishers including giants such as Time, Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Google, which launched the year with 34%, now generates 44% of this traffic.

Why the change? Well, for one, Facebook made a major change to how it promotes its stories previous year. Last year, for example, the social media company tweaked its algorithm to prioritise posts from friends and family over publishers.

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The end result is that Google is once again the most important platform for publishers to consider, and that has big implications for the industry moving forward. In short, Google has done a better job embracing publishers and mobile, funneling traffic to the sites themselves, while Facebook concentrates more on hoarding all the traffic for itself. Then Facebook eclipsed it, ReCode reported late on Monday.

Explanations for the differing fortunes are many and varied but the decline of "Instant Articles", in which Facebook hosts publishers content directly.

Since users can now publish videos directly on Facebook, this might have affected how many links to web stories publishers put on their Facebook pages.