Fan sues Saints, wants refund over protests during national anthem

Fan sues Saints, wants refund over protests during national anthem

In the end, Dragna wants a refund because, he said in the lawsuit "If petitioner had known that Saints football players would use Saints football games as a platform for protests he would not have purchased the Saints season tickets".

A Morgan City man is suing the New Orleans Saints for a refund on his season tickets because some of the players have knelt during the national anthem this season, causing the people he sits near to become rowdy and angry, our media partners at The Advocate report.

On those two occasions, Saints "players were following the lead of Colin Kaepernick by disrespecting the flag, the Anthem; the US and those who have served and are serving the U.S. in our military", according to the lawsuit.

In fact, Dragna said in the lawsuit the only game he attended this season was the season opener on October 17 against the New England Patriots. When the players entered the field, passing directly in front of where he and his guests were seated, numerous fans "in that area booed and cursed at the Saints players".

While those fans are likely adults who would be responsible for their own behavior in almost every other instance, Dragna blames Saints owner Tom Benson.

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Dragna blames the protests for increasing the rowdiness of the fans, who he claims are cursing and spilling beer. "It's my thought pattern that they should not be allowed (to protest)".

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick first knelt during the anthem in August 2016 to raise awareness about social injustice.

It's not a surprise that Dragna, like many, continues to misrepresent the meaning behind the protests.

Saints players and those from several other teams starting kneeling or sitting during the anthem shortly after President Donald Trump called on National Football League owners to fire players who did not stand during the anthem. Other players joined him but the league didn't see widespread protests by players until President Donald Trump verbally attacked kneeling players during a stump speech in Alabama on September 23. However, a source said the organization is "taking this very seriously, and this fan best have his facts in order". Instead, the $8,000 Dragna says he spent on the tickets, which are located around 25 rows back of the 20-yard-line, could get a bit costlier and reignites the drama.

Critics on the right have claimed the protests are disrespectful to the flag, national anthem and veterans even though Kaepernick and others have stated that they mean no disrespect to the country or its soldiers.