Simran movie review: Will Kangana Ranaut emerge as a Queen?

Simran movie review: Will Kangana Ranaut emerge as a Queen?

Actor Diana Penty, who had a Bollywood debut with Cocktail in 2012, is playing a role in the film. They are all of the opinion that Kangana Ranaut shines in a film that could have been much better.

The latest video, which was released online, actually speaks on every single issue that Kangana has raised through her various interviews. But the once bitten, twice shy Praful's resolve to buy her own house and not rely on a man (be it her father or a husband) ever only gets stronger with each gibe that her father throws her way.

Praful's troubles begin with a spectacularly successful night of gambling in Las Vegas. But then again, is she really to be blamed?

Look away from these quibbles and, like B&B, Simran offers the possibility of an interesting study - of ambitions, dreams and the incredible lure of money and how it affects individuals and relationships. In a fit of greed, frustration, under the influence of alcohol, she ends up taking a loan from a private money lender and loses that as well.

Just like the gambling works, Praful borrows money from a disgusting looking man at the Casino and lands into another trouble. But not all is lost.

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Simran came into limelight some months ago, not for its trailer but the controversy about the writing credits. Praful gets a tag of "Lipstick Bandit". Her personal life turned upside down drastically and so have her film choices.

On the work front, Kangana Ranaut is out promoting her upcoming drama movie, Simran.

Don't go expecting Simran to be like her namesake in DDLJ. Don't bother questioning how a girl in the USA gets away with robbery every single time. She doesn't think twice about slipping into a life of crime just to support her "character flaws".

There is something about Praful that makes her stand apart from the plethora of heroines seen on screen this year. Kangana may well be a pretty woman, but she is also her own Richard Gere. She is fearless, independent and blunt. In debt, penniless, her mortgage rejected and her life under threat, Praful is driven to rob from banks. She plots, prepares and schemes! The filmmaker remains non-judgmental about her; the audience doesn't know what to make of her. Praful Patel aka Simran (KanaganaRanaut) is a divorcee and does a housekeeping job for a living.

Inarguably, Kangana Ranaut is the saving grace of this sinking ship. The actress has always been up to the mark, regardless of the role she has been assigned with.