Man arrested after Memphis rapper shot outside Hollywood hotel

Man arrested after Memphis rapper shot outside Hollywood hotel

( Rapper Young Dolph is expected to survive critical injuries that he sustained in an L.A. shooting on Tuesday night, said a police spokesman.

Officer Irma Mota stated that McClendon was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. His real name is Adolph Thornton Jr.

"[He was] targeted because of who he is and some kind of beef that's ongoing", Beck said told the press, according to Complex.

The investigators are still now looking for two other men who are believed to have been involved in the whole fight with Dolph which led to the shooting. Police have not linked Tuesday's shooting to Gotti. "I think this was something he brought with him from across the United States". Reportedly, Dolph refused to sign a record deal with Gotti, triggering the feud.

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Since then, the two have taken jabs at each other in albums and on social media.

McClendon was arrested in 2010, after five men were shot in a parking lot of a Memphis nightclub.

McClendon was charged in that case as well, but a few months later all charges were dropped due to the lack of enough witnesses.

Three people were arrested after shooting at Young Dolph's SUV in North Carolina in February. It was speculated that the shooting stemmed from a rivalry between Dolph and Gotti. He released an album in April titled "Bulletproof" that referenced the shooting.